Rebecca Jones

As a visual person, I feel most alive when creating beautiful images . . . whether that is a painting or a photograph. I love beauty, and I love to be able to look at the world through creative eyes. I like to create a sense of the connection to the Divine in my works.

As an artist, I enjoy creating works that enhance your view of the world or help you to see it in a different way. I work mostly in acrylics, however I do experiment in mixed media works. I was trained in Sydney and have always had to create. I love rich colours and ideas within dreams . . . (click here to see my artwork)

As a photographer, I use my visual arts experience to create stunning images. I love trying out new techniques and creative ways of capturing life. My work is often intuitive and intrisnic, as I like to create a feeling of connection with my subjects. Why choose me? Because I am happy to tailor a shoot to your needs and use my visual skills to create lasting memories that you will LOVE. I have a home studio and can shoot on location. Please see reviews on my Photography page . . . (click here to visit)

We are all passing through on this journey. Whatever we leave behind is our own unique footprint . . 



1998 Townsville, Qld – Feelings
2010 Brisbane, Qld – Colour Series


1995 Sydney, NSW – Grad Exhibit
1996 Dubbo, NSW – Beginning of Something New
1997 Brisbane, Qld – Dreamscapes
1999 Townsville, Qld – Let God Out of the Box
1999 Townsville, Qld – Fit to be Hung
2005 Brisbane, Qld – B is for Beautiful
2013 Brisbane, Qld – Stop the Traffick